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cZeus School League app is created specifically for schools, without in-app purchases, advertisements or social media interactions, as a separate app from the original freemium “cZeus Maths Challenger” app.

cZeus, with only four simple rules, is excellent for agility, practising numeracy, algebraic logic, mathematical fluency and elimination process in a fun and refreshing way. It covers maths curriculum topics: numbers, times table, algebra, common factors, primes, multiples, and logical deductions.

cZeus School League is an ideal tool for teachers as an alternative teaching tool for testing and motivating students in and out of the classroom.

It is a fun way for students to maintain their maths on vacations and keep in touch with other students. Teachers can set up teams and challenges amongst their pupils, enrol their teams in inter- school public tournaments, locally or internationally, and assess students’ performance. Teachers can access the cZeus School League Portal where there are extended facilities such as in-depth analysis of results and easy bulk pupil registration.

Suitable for all age groups, cZeus School League app offers six difficulty levels from primary and secondary school to college and higher education students.

Partnership with Imperial College

Imperial College Computing partners with cZeus to launch competition for schools.


In partnership with Imperial College London, we're introducing cZeus School-League Competitions.


We have released a separate App called cZeus School League on iOS, Android, Windows or macOS platforms. This school friendly app does not have any advertisements, in-app purchases or any social media functionality. We are offering this app free for our first series of cZeus League competitions.

Important Notice: Due to the general effects of the current outbreak of coronavirus, we have postponed the first series of Imperial College London competitions to a later date. Meanwhile, we recommend pupils to continue practising in the Training Camp and also take part in competitions set up by their teachers and the weekly/monthly public competitions and to monitor their progress. We will announce the new dates for the UK Inter-school competition and the Live Final at the Imperial College London as soon as possible.

Register: Teachers Portal

Login: Teachers Portal    

The first series of these competitions will be for School Years 7 to 9, Key Stage 3, and will have three phases, with the live final taking place at Imperial College London.

Competition Phases

Phase I - Training

In this phase, schools will be supported in practising cZeus School League and will help to select their team. For a limited time, we will provide free training sessions at your school or online. If interested, please send a request email to [email protected]

Prizes: Certificates for participating students and extra kudos for the students who assist teachers in preparing their CSV file for enrolment.

Phase II - Get qualified for Phase III

All the school teams formed in Phase-I will be invited to enrol for the UK Inter-school competition. The top nine schools will be chosen to go through to the final with their top three students as their lead players.

Enrolment Deadline:

To be re-scheduled

Competition duration:

To be re-scheduled


Certificates and kudos for qualifying teams

Phase III Live Final – taking place at Imperial College London

Live Final Date:

To be re-scheduled

Qualifying schools will be invited to compete at a live final taking place at Imperial College London. These schools will be divided into three groups, and each group will compete in a knockout tournament with one school going through to the final. The three remaining schools will compete for the winner title.

The final will be streamed live on streaming platforms such as YouTube.


Cash rewards to schools, a day out at ICL for the winning teams, certificates and Kudos.


How can cZeus benefit developing mathematical skills?

  • Ignite and accelerate math enthusiasm through games

  • Enhances the current maths curriculum

  • Effectively exercises logic, mental arithmetic, mathematical fluency and problem-solving skills.
By solving cZeus puzzles, students will be learning algebraic logic, without even knowing about algebra.

cZeus facilitates the traditional teaching of handling non-linear equations.

Easy cZeus grids are great for practising times tables at various ranges (9 Times Table), and can also be played on paper.

Curriculum Alignment

cZeus Alignment with UK Maths Curriculum Goals

The national curriculum for mathematics aims to ensure that all pupils: **

cZeus Puzzles useful for :

  • Become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, including through varied and frequent practice with increasingly complex problems over time, so that pupils develop conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately.
  • Reason mathematically by following a line of enquiry, conjecturing relationships and generalisations, and developing an argument, justification or proof using mathematical language.
  • Can solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of routine and non routine problems with increasing sophistication, including breaking down problems into a series of simpler steps and persevering in seeking solutions.

cZeus & UK Maths Curriculum

cZeus puzzles directly exercise the yellow subjects below and also build a foundation for the topics in light yellow.

Key Stages

School Year


KS2 upper level 5 and 6
(age 9 - 11)
Decimals, percentages, ratios/proportions, basic algebra, square and cube numbers, factors, primes, fractions, negative numbers
KS3 7, 8 and 9
(age 11-14)
Large decimals, inequalities, common factors/multiples, prime factorisation, priority of operations, approximation/estimation, simplify algebraic expressions, solve equations, sequences
KS4 10 and 11
(age 14-16)
Standard form arithmetic, limits of accuracy, factorisation of quadratic equations, inverse functions, composite functions, graphs of linear/quadratic/cubic/reciprocal functions, roots/intercepts/turning point of functions, simplify algebraic expressions, solve quadratic, simultaneous equations, logical deduction

**Reference: Department of Education- Mathematics programmes of study: National curriculum in England

cZeus & Key stages

cZeus Classes suitable for school age groups

Key Stages

School Year

cZeus Classes

Benefits of cZeus

KS2 upper level 5 and 6
(age 9 - 11)
Light, Mortal, Hero Numbers, Arithmetic, Multiplication tables, Common factors, Algebraic equations and simple equations
KS3 7, 8 and 9
(age 11-14)
Mortal, Hero, DemiGod Above + Concepts such as substitution, factoring, elimination of impossible answers
KS4 10 and 11
(age 14-16)
Mortal, Hero, DemiGod, Olympian Above + Mathematical reasoning and logical deduction to solve algebraic equations
A levels and above 16+age, adults & older players Mortal, Hero, DemiGod, Olympian, Titan All above

Teachers' Guidelines

Download Teachers Guidelines in PDF

  1. Register yourself and your students:

  2. Prepare your students:

    Ask your students to:
    • Download the cZeus School League app on iOS, Android, Windows or macOS devices.
    • Login with an email address and password that is given to you.
    • Practise in the ‘Training Camp’ section of the app, where you can select between Light, Mortal and Hero classes of difficulty.
    • Practise in these classes for at least 1-3 weeks.
    • See the student guidelines
    • The same device can be used by several students as long as each student logs in with their unique email address (i.e. no two students can use the same email address).
  3. Create a competition for your students:

  4. Enrol your students:

    Option 1: Option 2:
    • Give your ‘competition’s name’ to your students
    • Ask your students to:
      • open the cZeus app
      • select cZeus Community
      • select Tournaments tab
      • Press the search button
      • enter the competition’s unique name and search
      • request to join the competition
    • You need to accept all these requests on the website
  5. Access your students’ performance and select members of your school team:

  6. Create your school team:

    • You can have up to 50 students in your team. However, our software calculates your team’s score from the average of your top three players.
    • The name of the team should be below 20 characters and must be identifiable by the school and teacher’s name
    • Create your team via this link.
    • The Team’s name and password could be emailed to your students via the website or announce it in the classroom.
    • Ask your students to click on Profile Profile in the app. In the profile page, select “Join a team”, and enter the school’s team password to join.

Download Teachers Guidelines in PDF

Students' Guidelines

Download Student Guidelines in PDF

Students can prepare successfully for the competitions by taking the following steps:

  1. Open cZeus School League app and login with your email and password.
  2. Select the “Light Class” path; complete its 14 levels and learn the puzzle Rules.
  3. On the main menu, select “Play” to go to the “Training Camp”.
  4. You can revise the Four Rules by pressing the Rules Rules
  5. For the purpose of this competition, you only need to train for Mortal and Hero Classes.
  6. Start training Mortal class and then Hero class, both in the “Sprint” play-mode.

How to enrol in your school competition?

Your teacher should provide the name and password of your school’s competition.

  • open the app
  • select cZeus Community Community
  • select Tournaments tab
  • press the search button
  • enter the competition’s unique name and search
  • request to join the competition

How to enrol in your school team?

Your teacher should provide the name and password of your school’s team.

  • open the app
  • on the main menu, go to profile page by clicking on Profile Profile
  • select “Join a team”
  • enter your school’s team password

Participate in Weekly challenges to train for competitions.

  • On the main menu, select “Tournament Hall” to see the available competitions.
  • In this page, you can select to play in “Individual” or “Team” competitions.
  • Take part in “Weekly Challenges” for both “individuals” and “teams”, but only play the Mortal and Hero Classes.

Download Student Guidelines in PDF

Teachers: Register your School

Note: Students must obtain the "student-registration-link" from their teachers.

The cZeus School League Competition in partnership with Imperial College London is Live now! Register your school as soon as possible, prepare your pupils, and be on your way to the finals at ICL in London!

We will confirm your registration within 24 hours. However, we endeavour to come back to you within a few hours.

If this is a personal email address, please send us an additional document to verify you belong to this school at: [email protected]

Already have an account?

Teachers Login

Please note:

  • Students cannot register from this page. They must obtain the "student-registration-link" from their teachers.
  • This registration is only for schools and cZeus School League app. If you are not representing a school, please download our cZeus Maths Challenger app.

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cZeus apps are now available on various platforms.

cZeus School League


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