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cZeus App

cZeus Puzzles A new version of cZeus Maths Challenger is available now on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. This new version is an extension and improvement to the cZeus app that was launched on Apple iOS and Google Android devices in summer 2014.

This latest version is based on the comments and feedbacks that were received. An easy 'Light Class' is introduced to guide the player through cZeus principles via some simple game plays. There are 14 levels within the Light class and the puzzles gradually get larger and more sophisticated. Plus there are short tutorials at the beginning of each level that show the rules and how to play. Unlike the other five classes, the Light class has no time limit to play, making it a great learning tool.

The existing five classes have also been improved to enhance enjoyment and the accessibility to higher classes, e.g. the time limits to solve the puzzles in each class are considerably increased and the required numbers of cZeused games to unlock classes are reduced to allow the player climb up faster to higher classes. 'cZeused' in the game's terminology means the player has completed a puzzle correctly without any errors.

Some statistical measures on overall performance are added, such as agility, score, accuracy and proficiency on each game play in a class. The players can participate as an individual and also as part of a team. The player can evaluate his/her performance against public or his/her team members etc. Teams can compete with other teams and compare their performance.

The Greek mythology theme is used to make the game more entertaining.

Playing Mode

cZeus puzzles can be played in two modes :

Sprint :

In this mode, as a player fills in the mystery number tiles, the App will accept or reject each entry, depending on whether the number is correct or incorrect. Alternatively, the user can pencil-in an entry and later confirm it by pressing the middle button on the number wheel.

Scores in Sprint mode are calculated at every single entry of a mystery number. Scores are based on the points earned, use of hints, and speed and accuracy:

Points are given based on:
  1. the correct entry of mystery numbers.
  2. penalty negative points for rejected entries.
  3. a time bonus. The time bonus depends on the speed of entry of each correct mystery number, and the puzzle complexity.
  4. a cZeus square bonus for completing the cZeus square within the first few seconds.
  5. using a direct hint for mystery numbers reduces more points than using hints for getting new clues.
  6. finally a substantial "cZeused" bonus is awarded for a cZeused puzzle, i.e. solving a complete puzzle without any errors is greatly advantageous.

Marathon :

In this mode, the player needs to fill all the mystery number tiles and can only then press the middle button on the number wheel. If the entries are not correct, the player is given the option to go back and have two more attempts at completing the puzzle.

In Marathon mode scores are given after submitting the completed solution by pressing the middle button on the number wheel.

The player can submit a completed solution three times, but can only cZeus it in the first attempt.
  1. Points are given for each correct mystery number.
  2. The time bonus depends on the puzzle complexity and the speed of its completion.
  3. Finally a substantial "cZeused" bonus is awarded for a cZeused puzzle, i.e. solving a Marathon puzzle on the first try is greatly advantageous.

As a player completes a puzzle, the score given indicates how well the puzzle was played, irrespective of whether it was cZeused or not. Generally the given score depends on the complexity of a puzzle, the speed of entry and the accuracy. The scores for Sprint and Marathon modes are calculated slightly differently.

Currently, Competitions can only be played in Sprint mode.

cZeus Community

cZeus Community is the area where you can find friends and teams, and enrol in competitions.


In this tab you can find your friends, add or remove friends and invite your friends to cZeus. Also, you can look at your friends' profiles and their stats summaries.
cZeus Friends


In this tab you are able to find yours, your friends' and some other suggested teams. If you are not part of a team, you can join a team from here. You can see other teams' profiles too with their stats summaries. You can also search for any teams you require.
cZeus teams


In this tab you are able to join individual competitions, enrol your team in competitions, view competitions’ profiles with their stats summaries, and see your finished competitions’ histories. You can also search for a competition you require.
cZeus competitions


cZeus Team
You will require a team to play in any team competition.

A team can be created anytime via cZeus user website or by clicking the 'Setup Team' button in the Captain’s section of the app.

You can invite team members by forwarding them the team password or sending them an invite through cZeus Community. You can also invite friends by sending them emails.

You can play in as many team competitions available at the same time and build up your team’s score. Your team’s score is the sum of all the scores achieved by a team in all the classes in all open competitions including weekly team challenges.

You can dissolve a team only when you do not have any team members.

Team Captain:

cZeus Team CaptainA person who has created a team is the captain of that team. You can be a captain of many teams at the same time. As a captain, you are able to add new members, remove any members and enrol your team to various public and private competitions.


cZeus Competitions are categorised into team competitions and individual competitions. You can play alone in an individual competition but you will require a team to play in a team competition.
There are three types of competitions:

Weekly Challenges

Weekly Challenges are competitions that run for a week. You can play weekly team challenges every week without enrolling as long as your team has a minimum of 3 members. If your team drops below 3 members, you will not be able to play weekly team challenges until you have at least 3 members in your team again. You are not able to create these Weekly Challenges. The score for a team in a weekly team challenge is calculated by taking the average of the top three scores of your team members in each competition. .
Weekly Challenges

Public Competitions

Public competitions are open to all. The competition period is determined by the sponsor or the cZeus Administrator Team. You have to enrol yourself in an individual public competition to play as an individual. Only team captains are able to enrol a team in public team competitions. Your team needs to have minimum of 'X' members to enrol and play in a public team competition. You can play in an enrolled public team competition even if you team drops below 'X' members, but your team will not be able to enrol in any other public team competitions until your team has a minimum of 'X' members again. The score for a team in public team competitions is calculated by taking the average of the top 'X' scores of your team members in each competition. 'X' is the minimum number of team members required to enrol in a team competition. It is 3 by default for all competitions.
Public Competitions

Private Competitions

Private competitions are created by players . It can be a hidden competition to be played by a user’s friends, family or their teams or can be a visible competition where any other users or teams can request to join the competition. This type of competitions have a competition password to invite individuals to private individual competitions, or teams to private team competitions. Again, when creating this type of competitions for teams, the competition captain can decide the minimum and maximum team members a team can have. The score for a team in a private team competition is calculated by taking the average of the top 'X' scores of the team members in each competition. 'X' is the minimum number of team members required to enrol in a team competition. It is 3 by default for all competitions, but can be changed by team captains.
Private Competitions

Competition Captain:

The user who has created a competition is the captain of that competition.
Competition Captain


cZeus helps users to measure their performance in various forms of analysis such as speed, proficiency, points scored and accuracy.


This is calculated based on how fast the correct entries are made.

cZeus Speed


This is calculated based on how many correct entries are made without direct hints and errors regardless of speed.
cZeus Accuracy


This is calculated based on how accurately harder puzzles are solved in shorter time than allocated.

cZeus Proficiency


Points are given based on speed, number of errors, and use of hints. Extra bonuses are given for making no errors, and for identifying the cZeus Square within 20-30 sec.

cZeus Points

Each of these statistics for various competitions and training packs can be viewed as a graph and can be compared to the corresponding statistics of All (players), teams, best records and friends of your choice.

Why is cZeus a kid friendly app?

cZeus Puzzles takes children’s safety very seriously. Therefore, to support the online safety of children, the following steps have been taken:

  • No messaging facility is available in the cZeus app which helps to makes cZeus Community safe from bullies, sexting and any other vulnerabilities that could otherwise undermine children’s safety.
  • There are no photo sharing facilities, safeguarding children from various vulnerabilities.
  • No location sharing option is available, other than the name of the country, thus no one can know where other players are located at any time.
  • • Adverts in the cZeus app are suitable for any age, including under 13’s .
  • The nickname facility ensures a child stays anonymous, allowing him/her to protect their identity.
  • We do not collect any personal information from a user apart from his/her email address in some cases, but we make sure it is never provided to any 3rd parties.
  • There is no explicit content in the app that may be disturbing to a child.
  • The app can be played fully without buying any in-app purchases.
  • We do not collect any personal data from a user device.
  • We do not collect phone numbers of users (even for Facebook users).

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