Team Captain

Manage teams from the cZeus website

  1. Create a team

  2. One becomes the captain of a team by simply creating a team. A captain is responsible for managing the team, i.e. deleting, inviting members, accepting or rejecting members, and enrolling the team in competitions. See the screenshot below showing the form to create a team.

    Captain Created team

  3. Manage your teams

  4. Once a team is created, the captain is able to invite other members to join the team, by email or through cZeus community. You can see the list of your teams in ‘Created Teams’. See the screenshot below.

    List of teams

    You can change your team’s password and give it to your friends and family to join your team. You would find this on the team detail page (see the screenshot below) by clicking on one of your teams.

    Team password

  5. In-depth team performance analysis and ranking

  6. As a team captain, you can see the list of all the competitions played by your teams in 'Your Team statistics'. See the screenshot below.

    Team competitions competition

    You can see a list of team members and their scores per puzzle played in that competition (see the screenshot below).

    team members

    You can view and compare the statistics for the competition among your team members (see the screenshot below).

    Team graph

  7. Handy tool for teachers for bulk registration of pupils

  8. A teacher in the role of a captain can create accounts for all his/her pupils using excel file (saved as comma separated value (CSV) file). The file would include names, email addresses and passwords separated by a comma, one row per each student. This would allow the teachers to get their students playing quickly rather than helping assisting out each student individually to sign up to cZeus Maths Challenger individually. From the ‘Captain-Manage’ menu, Select “‘Bulk User Registration”’:

    CSV website

    You can use the “‘template”’ file provided to edit and add details of pupils . This file is a comma separated value (CSV) file format but can be opened and edited in excel. The entries in the file follow the following format :

    Name1, Email1, Password1,
    Name2, Email2, Password2,
    Name3, Email3, Password3,

    Where each “Name” is the nickname for a pupil, and Email/Password combinations are the credentials each pupil will use to login within the cZeus app.

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