Upcoming Events

  • December 12 Days of Christmas Golden Coins collector

    Dates: 12th – 25th December 2018
    Puzzles: ANY
    Each ‘day of Christmas’ the coins earned per puzzle completed will be increased as per below.
    Day 1- Dec 12th 5 extra coins
    Day 2- Dec 13th 10 extra coins
    Day 3- Dec 14th 15 extra coins
    Day 4- Dec 15th 20 extra coins
    Day 5- Dec 16th 25 extra coins
    Day 6- Dec 17th 30 extra coins
    Day 7- Dec 18th 35 extra coins
    Day 8- Dec 19th 40 extra coins
    Day 9- Dec 20th 45 extra coins
    Day 10- Dec 21st 50 extra coins
    Day 11- Dec 22nd 55 extra coins
    Day 12- Dec 23rd 60 extra coins

  • December Christmas UK Competition

    Dates: 23rd - 25th
    Puzzles: 10x Mortal
    Prize: £20 Ticket Master voucher

  • December Family Public Competition

    Dates: 26th – 1st
    Puzzles: 5x Mortal, 5x Hero, 5x DemiGod, 5x Olympian, 5x Titan
    Prize: Mortal Winner £20, Hero Winner £30, DemiGod Winner £50, Olympian Winner £75, Titan Winner £100

Finished Events and winners

  • Prize Puzzles Competition

    Dates: 12th – 18th November 2018
    Puzzles: 10x mortal
    Prize: £20 Amazon or Paypal voucher
    Winner: Tina (Processing)

  • Halloween Competition

    Dates: 31st October 2018
    Puzzles: 5x Hero
    Prize: 3 months Hotel Chocolat Subscription
    Winner: Katie (Congratulations on successfully claiming the prize)

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