Download cZeus Beta on Android

Step 1

Click on this link from any device (mobile/ tablet/PC/Laptop)

Step 2

Login to your google account. (This step is only needed if you are not logged in already.) Google Sign In
Note: If you are not logged in, then please login using the same google account as you have used in Play Store in Step 2.
If you are already logged in in the browser, please make sure it is the same account used in Play tore.

Step 3

You will see a screen as below. Please click on ‘Become a Tester’

Become cZeus Beta Tester on android

Step 4

You will see the confirmation as below. Become cZeus Beta Tester on android confirmation message
Please wait for some time to download the app in your device as it takes a while for users to see beta app.

Step 5

On your Android device (phone/tablet), open Google Play Store by clicking on the Play Store icon.

Playstore on android

Step 6

Search for ‘cZeus Puzzles’ in the play store. Click on cZeus Puzzles.

cZeus Puzzles in Playstore on android

Step 7

Scroll down the page and you would see whether you are a beta tester for cZeus Puzzles or not yet. It should look like below. cZeus Beta tester confirmation on android
Note: If it still says ‘Sign up in progress’. Then please wait a few minutes and then repeat steps 5, 6 and 7.

Step 8

Scroll up the page and install the app. Make sure the app is called cZeus Puzzles (Beta) before installing.

cZeus Beta tester confirmation on android
Note: If you already have installed a previous version of cZeus Puzzles, you would get ‘Update’ button instead of ‘Install’