cZeus Puzzles

is an original puzzle game for practising numeracy and logic.

cZeus is suitable for any age group,
from school age to adults who like to keep mentally active.

cZeus is a grid-based puzzle game, with different difficulty classes and each grid has a unique solution...

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Download cZeus Beta version:

cZeus Puzzles are:

cZeus is a patented puzzle
cZeus Training Hall
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Frequently Asked Questions about all the interesting aspects of cZeus Puzzles.

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All you need to know about all three types of cZeus Competitions for individuals and teams.

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Professor John Greenman

cZeus is a thoroughly absorbing game based on a smart idea and has the potential to take the player further along the path to a deeper appreciation and enjoyment of mathematics...

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Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, Stirling University.

Professor Jon Greenman
Professor Ray Turner

cZeus puzzles offer a great alternative way for practising basic numeracy skills as well learning more complicated mathematical concepts such as algebra and basic number theory...

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Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Computer Science, Essex University.

Professor Ray Turner, PhD Maths, PhD Philosophy


Simple to pick up

cZeus Puzzles game has four simple rules and the aim is to find the set of missing mystery numbers by using the given clues.

Game Changer

Setting new trends cZeus Puzzles game is an innovative and entertaining way to practise numeracy, logic, algebra and memory skills. cZeus is like the maths equivalent of the crossword.

Performance assessment

Analysing one’s agility, accuracy, proficiency and score for each single puzzle against peers helps to improve performance. This is currently available in the Beta version.

Benefit to teachers

cZeus offers teachers an unconventional way to inspire pupils to practise maths; with easy differentiation for all student abilities.

cZeus Community

Team registration, competitions and cZeus community connect people, schools and companies globally to compete in inspirational maths challenges. This is currently available in the Beta version.

cZeus Puzzles